As of last week, Northampton Borough Council launched a 12 month trial of escooters in the borough. It comprises of 300 escooters, which are paid for by the minute and the scheme hopes to help aide social distancing measures as people return to work, whilst also being a positive step forward in green transport for the town. 

The escooters can be picked up all around town, and as far as Moulton Park, near the MAC office, and dropped off wherever the user needs to. There are incentives to park them in designated spots, but the company who owns them; Voite Technology, also has representatives who will pick them up, charge and move them to more appropriate pots when necessary.  

For Northampton residents this is about having more choice in how they can travel. The next year will demonstrate just how adaptable people are to new transport forms and it will be interesting to note how successful this trial is and it’s potential impact on travel planning in the local area over the new couple of years.