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Transport Statements and Assessments

Transport Statements and Assessments are typically required for larger developments.  A key part of any planning application is to understand how people and vehicles will access your site and the potential impact your development may have on the highway network.  MAC’s reports are prepared in line with national and local guidance. The scale of development will determine the level of detail required within the report.

For larger schemes which require junction analysis MAC use Junctions 9 and Linsig 3 to assess the impact of developments on the highway network.  Where required MAC can design nil-detriment solutions to mitigate the impact of developments on the highway network.

Travel Plans & Travel Plan Co-ordination

A Travel Plan is a package of measures which aims to encourage people to travel by sustainable modes.  Travel plans can help to deliver sustainable access to new and existing development and are seen as an integral element of the planning process.  Whether you require a framework or a detailed Travel Plan MAC can prepare a Travel plan for your development.

MAC can also provide Travel Plan co-ordination services when your development’s travel plan requires implementation.  MAC can provide all co-ordination services including preparation of Travel Information Packs and monitoring of travel modes against targets throughout the first years of your development’s life to comply with the planning authorities requirements.

Access and Junction Design

All developments require an access and MAC can design an access to serve your development. Whether that’s a simple priority, roundabout or single controlled junction MAC have the experience to design the correct solution for your development.

MAC can also undertake junction design of all types including design of nil-detriment mitigation.

Swept Path Analysis

MAC use the latest vehicle tracking software to undertake swept path analysis.  Whether this is required to track refuse vehicles throughout a development or a car parking in a compact parking court MAC can provide a cost effective assessment.

Parking Studies

MAC can undertaken parking studies to determine whether there is sufficient on street parking to serve your development’s needs.